New generation solvent characterized by low toxicity and rapid evaporation.
It is specific for cleaning and degreasing of electronic equipment such as: oils, silicones, fluxes to colophony, dust and moisture.
It can be applied to any type of electronic equipment without getting damages on its components (metal, paints, elastomers, plastics, etc.).

In the degreasing phase it can be used both cold and hot, provided that the operation is done in a closed environment in order to contain the dispersions. The low boiling point allows the recovery of it through distillation. Recommended for all radio-television, HI-FI, telephones, mobile phones, cameras, calculators, computers, typewriters, printers, remote switches, timers. The product is compatible with any metal or metal alloy and has no solvent action against most plastics. However, before use, it is recommended to perform compatibility tests, especially when in the presence of polystyrene, polymethyl methacrylate and acrylonitrile (ABS).


Physical state             : liquid

Color                           : colorless

Density(15°C)                 : 0.80 Kg/lt

Solub. in water           : insoluble


Manual use: spray the product as close as possible to the object to be cleaned; if using the spray version, use the appropriate extension.
After the first treatment, apply a second one in order to remove the released dirt.
Use in vapor phase: in liquid-vapor phase and with ultrasound: load the tank of the machine and adjust the boiling temperature; make sure the doors are perfectly sealed.

KEMPERSOLV ELN is available as well as in bulk form, also in 400 ml spray bottle loaded to PB.


KEMPERSOLV_ELN_SPRAY_Degreaser_for_electronic_equipment_KEMPER           KEMPERSOLV_ELN_Degreaser_for_electronic_equipment_KEMPER


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