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Alkaline cleaner, slightly gelatinous, particularly suitable to emulsify and dissolve quickly any fouling by organic matter cooked or charred food.
The product comes in a gel form in order to better adhere to surfaces and thus have a way to carry out fully its cleansing action.
FORMAT GRILL can be used in many applications:

Mills: quick and effective way to loosen and remove residual dried and hardened by cooking oil dispensers, conveyors, fillers, filters, and centrifuges.
Bakeries and baked goods: Ceiling and floor in the baking ovens, conveyor belts, trays (not aluminum) and mixers.
Delicatessen.  walls, floors, shelves and equipment that  accumulates  fats  that melt and are deposited during cooking.
Cooking equipment: FORMAT grill can be used to de-scale by any residues of food cooking equipment such as ovens, hobs, grills, rotisseries, plates, molds and fume hoods.


Physical state:            viscous liquid
Color:                          Yellow
Odor:                          odorless
Density:                      1.35
pH:                              2.2 (in sol. 1%)
Flammability:              not flammable


FORMAT GRILL is preferably used in pure form to get quick action on any kind of contamination and also to capitalize on its viscosity, which also allows the product to cling on vertical surfaces.
If, however the cleaning operations are carried out frequently and on a minor scale, it may be convenient to use the product in 50% solution with water.
The contact time required for optimum results depends on the type and amount of fouling to be removed and would be bettween 10 to 30 minutes.
A great help can be provided by the temperature of surfaces to be treated:  at 30 - 35 ° C this product gives a faster result.
FORMAT GRILL is over 90% biodegradable, contains no solvents and does not give off noxious fumes, but, in view of its considerable degreasing power rubber gloves should be used.

The product should not be used on aluminum, aluminum alloys and coated parts.






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