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Slightly gelatinous, alkaline detergent, particular indicated to emulsify and quickly dissolve any type of resin scale that adheres to the blades and conveyor belts used to cut wood. The product is gelatinous in order to better stick to the surfaces and cleanse thoroughly.

Don’t use the product on aluminium, aluminium alloys and painted parts.

Rinse accurately after each application.




Physical state: liquid, gelatinous

Colour: colourless

Odour: odourless

Density: 1.35

pH: 12.2 (in 1% sol.)

flammability: non-flammable



Format R is preferably used as is, in order to quickly develop its action on any type of contamination and exploit its viscosity, which allows the product to adhere to vertical surfaces.

  • For work surfaces: prepare a 3-5% water solution;
  • For various equipment: prepare a 5-10% water solution;
  • To remove scales from blades and conveyor belts: apply the product as is. The action is boosted by the temperature of the surfaces to treat: a more effective and quicker action is achieved at 40-50ºC.
  • Format R can also be used as dewaxing product in the citrus fruit sector to clean and descale machinery, at a concentration of 10%


Format R is over 90% biodegradable, it is solvent free and does not release harmful vapours; however, in view of its high degreasing power, we recommend handling it, wearing rubber gloves and protective glasses.



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