DIMET SPRAY products contain dimethylpolysiloxane and are multi-purpose: they lubricate, protect and boast strong anti-adhesive properties. The substances contained in them are totally inert with regards to metals and materials on which they are applied and carry out their action at a temperature that ranges from -40ºC to +250ºC, and they are low toxic.


  • They reduce friction and static electricity
  • They do not harden and do not dissolve even at extreme temperatures
  • They are odourless and do not yellow.
  • They are non toxic.

DIMET 5 SPRAY code K00102S0


Silicone oil with 350 viscosity comes in a 400 ml spray bottle. The product contains exclusively silicone and propellant, and it is additive-free. In this version, the product features a nozzle that finely sprays the oil. Therefore it is the ideal product for plastic moulding in order to avoid damaging the parts’ surfaces with excess product. The product is also indicated for the footwear sector as anti-adhesive agent for glues.





DIMET 10 SPRAY code K00103S0


It is the product with general applications that, in addition to an optimal spraying system, provides a sufficient quantity of product for any protection, lubrication and anti-adhesion need. It is ideal for packaging machines and the graphic and textile industry for the production of synthetic yarns, also colourful ones. Recommended also for sewing machines, bending machines and cutters.




DIMET 20 SPRAY code K00104S0


The product contains silicone oil with high viscosity and the bottle features a nozzle that supplies a larger quantity of product. Therefore, this is the ideal version for particular lubrication needs on complex and delicate equipment: printers, sewing machines, typewriters, etc…




DIMET 10 CO2 SPRAY code K00109S0


In this version, DIMET 10 spray bottle is pressurized with inert gas (CO2) to obtain a 100% NON-FLAMMABLE product, for all those operations that require higher safety standards. 

The silicone oil contained in DIMET SPRAY products complies with U.S.D.A. Grade H1 and corresponds to the specifications contained in the following FDA approval paragraphs for accidental contact with food;

PARAGRAPH: 176.170

PARAGRAPH: 176.180

PARAGRAPH: 177.1210

PARAGRAPH: 178.3570

It also complies with the provisions set out in Ministerial Decree 21/03/1973 and subsequent amendments, with regards to contacts with food.




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