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Five products with five different functions in one single container. SEVEN is a multi-purpose chemical product boasting excellent properties:

LUBRICATING. It completely and evenly covers the surfaces with a film that lubricates any mechanism.

DEWATERING. The low surface tension of the product makes it capable of penetrating into any interstices or irregularities, even microscopic ones, and replacing any traces of moisture or condensation present. SEVEN does not conduct electricity and the layer that forms protects against short circuits and unwanted electric discharges. 

PROTECTIVE. The remarkable binding force of the product towards surfaces make it possible for the lubricating components of SEVEN to strongly adhere to the parts to protect, forming a water/airtight barrier against humidity and corrosive atmospheres. 

CLEANSING. SEVEN penetrates dirt, grease and oil, it removes them from the treated components and easily eliminates them. The product does not contain silicones or other substances that may attract or retain dusts and impurities. 

ANTI- SEIZE.  Its typical penetrating action and ability to quickly dissolve dirt, scales and oxidations, make it an ideal anti-seize product for screws, nuts, locked threads and threaded components. 

ELECTRICITY. SEVEN is anti-static, non-conductive, it does not attract dust and it is highly penetrating.




Aspect: 400 ml spray bottle

Odour: typical

Density: 0.65 gr/cc

Solubility in water: insoluble

Flashpoint: +240°C (calculated)

Pressure: 6.4 – 7.4 bar

Code: K00110S0




The product is available in 400 ml spray bottle complete with nozzle to reach innermost point. The applications are numerous:

VEHICLES. As anti-seize product for exhaust systems, any seized nut or bolt. As lubricant for locks, handles and locking and control mechanisms. As moisture barrier, for the entire electric system. It is the ideal product to eliminate humidity from electric systems, to lubricate switches, electromagnetic switches, and seized mechanisms and to maintain any components clean and efficient.

INDUSTRY. The protective and lubricating action of the product makes it suitable to protect machinery, dies, tools and any other part against corrosion.

AGRICULTURE. The product cleans, protects and lubricates tractors, compost spreaders, irrigators, and any equipment against the corrosive action of fertilizers and manure.

In conclusion, SEVEN is recommended as cleansing, protective and lubricating product for any FIREARMS, SEA ENGINES, BOATS’ components, homes’ LOCKS and HINGES, office TYPEWRITERS, PRINTERS AND  PHOTOCOPIER. 



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