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Synthetic lubricant suitable for all medium machining operations of chip removal on machine tools.

The LUBRO SINT doesn’t contain mineral oil, but exclusively synthetic lubricants, totally soluble in water and biodegradable over 90%.

Allows it to perform any type of operation on the machine tool with very interesting features:

TRASPARENT. The LUBRO SINT, thanks to the fact that it forms a solution and not an emulsion, is completely transparent and allows perfect visibility of the tool's impact point.

ANTI-RUST. The product contains good anti-rust additives that preserve machined and machined parts by oxidation.

ANTIBACTERIAL. Without containing the detrimental additive formulations for the operator, the antibacterial activity of the product guarantees a long life in the baths without bacterial fermentation and, consequently, no bad smells develop.


The basic rule to be followed when using a coolant lubricant refers to the extreme cleaning that needs to be done in the tanks before making a new load. It’s'important to remove any residual dirt, pollutants and previous processing and proceed to a thorough washing of the entire circuit.

After an abundant rinse, the new solution may be added to the concentration suitable for the type of work to be carried out. The percentage of use of the product can not be established as they are influenced by too many contingent factors.

However, it may be useful to follow the instructions below at the beginning:

Brass, bronze, steel to Pb                     3-5%

Non alloyed steel, cast iron, copper       6-8%

Titanium alloy steels, stainless steel      9-12%.

In presence of particularly hard water, it will be necessary to increase a few percentage points.





The LUBRO SINT is available in other versions.


It is a product which, while presenting characteristics comparable to the main product, has been formulated with particular raw materials and additives, which do not provide any hazard symbols, in accordance with CEE Directive 91/55




The "R" version of the product is specifically prepared for grinding operations. It is used at a concentration of 3% and with the same precautions as a good synthetic lubricant cooler.

It is recommended not to use at concentrations lower than indicated to not lose the anti-rust effect of the solution.




LUBRO SINT Al is used exclusively for aluminum processing. It is specific to address the problems that arise in the processing of a delicate and "tough" metal such as aluminum and its all alloys.

It is used in concentrations from 3 % to 8%, depending on the degree of finish desired.






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