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The PRONEX WAX is a temporary anticorrosive which covers and protects the metal like a paint, but which can be easily removed before using the treated piece.
The wax-based product forms a rather thick layer (15-60 microns) which acts as a barrier which is absolutely impermeable to corrosive atmospheric agents and which also provides a not inconsiderable protection against minor impacts, scratches and abrasive dust.

The product doesn’t interact chemically with various types of surfaces on which it can be applied, such as rubber, plastic, paint, chrome, glass and aluminum.

The PRONEX WAX is versatile and effective for the prevention of rusty formations for long-lasting applications.

INDUSTRY. Long lasting coating for tools, molds, machinery, tanks, pipes, rods, profiles and metal sheets.

CARS. It is the most suitable product for the protection of the whole body, for transport and outdoor storage. Also suitable for all the unpainted parts, the boxes and the engine compartment.

MARINE. Ideal for pumps, accessories, rods and any surface that has to be protected by the salt atmosphere.


Physical state             : viscose emulsion

Color                           : colorless

Drying time                 : 1 – 3 hours

Thickness of the film  : 15 – 60 micron

Salt fog                       : 200 hours

Protection                   : 12 – 24 months




The PRONEX WAX after heating between 40 ° C and 50 ° C to obtain its complete liquefaction can be applied by immersion, by brush, by spray.
The dilution can be carried out with petroleum diluents (such as KEMPERSOLV 42) to obtain a slow drying and a soft film, or with more rapid evaporation solvents (KEMPERSOLV 24) for fast drying and a rigid film.

Thickness 50 - 60 microns. Apply the pure product after liquefaction (40 ° C - 50 ° C)It is recommended for hollow bodies, underbody of cars, marine environment and in any case for maximum protection.

Thickness 30 microns. Add 20% of solvent to the product. It is applied cold and provides excellent protection for spare parts, tools and metal parts of any kind

Thickness 15 microns. Dilute the product with 35% solvent and preferably apply by spraying. Provides good protection for unpainted carpentry and any medium-term storage.




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