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DERMAT 110 degreases and cleans machines tool, metallic structures, floors and walls, tiles, painted or lacquered or plasticized  surfaces and generally all the washable surfaces. 

DERMAT 110 is a low foam product, easy and sure to use for the operators.





This product takes away the grease and the dirt from the walls, the floors, the different machineries, the lathes, the rectifications, the boring machines, the elevators, the circuits and the tanks for refrigerating liquids. 

It contains antioxidant additives that prevent the formation of rust on the ferrous metals treated with the solutions of the product. 

Although the solution of DERMAT 110 contains about 90 % of water, it can be used on iron, steel and cast iron because it gives a short protection but more than enough to intervene later with a paint or with a protective.



DERMAT 110 can be diluted in hot or cold water using a concentration from 0,5 % to 15 %: this concentration depends on the type of dirt that we want to eliminate. 

After we have prepared the right dilution, we have to apply it with a low pressure spray gun. We have to attend few minutes and so we wipe the surfaces with a cloth and we rinse with water (preferably to use hot water).


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