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BIOSAN HYPOCLOR is a product that is used in different industrial sectors because of the peculiar characteristics that distinguish it. In fact, it plays a proteolytic action on the residual proteins of many processes in the food industries. This favors the cleaning and degreasing action.

Thanks to the active chlorine BIOSAN HYPOCLOR shows a significant whitening power towards numerous substances responsible for producing stains that are difficult to remove from various substrates (floors, fabrics, hard surfaces, etc.). The product has a broad-spectrum sanitizing action (Gram + and Gram- bacteria, viruses and molds).

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Derkemp Mat F/2 is a liquid concentrated water soluble detergent. The product is used in applications that require a foam control and low foam (spray plant).

Its particular formula combines the power of degreasing alkaline products to a total inhibition against the most sensitive metals such as aluminum, copper and their alloys.

The water solutions in use of Derkemp Mat F/2  does not degrade easily and, this allows easy process control.

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Specific, solvent-free product for degreasing a wide range of objects in aluminium and aluminium alloys. The main feature of the product is to remove residues, even of large consistency, oil stains and/or synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral greases from objects, without corroding the surfaces and undermine the shine. 

DERKEMP MAT FL can also be used to wash parts and objects where the dirt to remove is of particle or mixed nature (firm dirt, traffic film, etc.). The neutral pH and the presence of anti-oxidant additives do not hinder the shine of the worked surfaces in those cycles where the parts are subject to one or more inter-operational degreasing phases, in the production or assembly process. Excess doses or extended cleansing times do not damage the parts, as it may occur with other products (loss of shine, formation of dark surface

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Derkemp MAT G is a liquid product with superior alkaline properties that is immediately and completely soluble in water. The product does not produce foam in normal conditions of use, therefore it is particularly suitable for degreasing processes in spray systems.

Derkemp MAT G solutions allow a quick and substantial removal of oily and greasy contaminations from metal surfaces, especially of ferrous type. It is not recommended for light alloys, in particular aluminium.

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DERKEMP MAT N is a degreasing agent
slightly alkaline, specifically made for cleaning various types of metal machines: automatic, jet, ultrasonic, or tunnel.
The product is able to perform the complete removal of artifacts from waste oils and fat without altering the surface and leaving it with unchanged gloss.
The product formulation is based on a unique technology that does not use any

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Alkaline liquid degreaser with high penetrating power, suitable to remove industrial dirt consisting of residues of cooling lubricants, lubricating oils and tarry sludge. Thanks to the special surface-active agents contained in it, the formation of foam is reduced, therefore the product is easier to rinse.

  • It is suitable to remove plants’ resin residues that fall on plastic surfaces like: tables, chairs, campers, car bodies, and lorry tarps.

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It’s an alkaline product with a detergent and descaling action specially active on organic dirt, which forms on the heat exchangers surfaces, in the food storing tanks and on the surfaces in general. 

The presence of special surface-active agents allows the removal of the colloidal substances which have a protective action on this kind of dirt and could end by compromising the degreasing and detartarizing action of the product. 

It acts on organic salt deposit as: oxalates, citrates, tartrates, carbonates and bicarbonates without having any corrosive action on the metallic surfaces (usually steel).

At high concentrations it is able to have an unplugging action in the pipelines; it is active with waters of any hardness and it is easily rinsable.

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KEMPERSOLV 24 is a degreasing solvent containing hydrogenated aliphatic hydrocarbons, free of elements such as sulphur, chlorine and fluorine, of low toxicity.

The product evaporates quickly, thus leaving the components clean and dry within a short timeframe. An essential characteristic of KEMPERSOLV 24 consists in its superior cleaning power that, as indicated by the Kauri butanol value, is significantly higher than the value of common petroleum-based solvents. 

The main characteristics of KEMPERSOLV 24 are:

  • Degreasing power: high
  • Irritating power: low
  • Moderate smell
  • It evaporates quickly

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KEMPERSOLV 42 is a synthetic degreasing solvent, extremely pure, and free of elements such as sulphur, chlorine and fluorine, of low toxicity. One of the main characteristics of KEMPERSOLV 42 consists in its superior cleaning power that is significantly higher compared to common petroleum-based solvents such as petroleum, kerosene or solvent naphtha. 

The main characteristics of KEMPERSOLV 42 are:

  • High degreasing power
  • Low irritating 

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Kempersolv 73 is a new product containing a mix of selected solvents, specific for degreasing operations in many industrial sectors. 

Kempersolv 73 boasts superior properties that allow solving many issues related to industrial degreasing tasks. The main characteristics of  Kempersolv 73 are:

  • High dissolvent power
  • No interaction with metal surfaces
  • Completely odourless
  • It does not carry any “flammable” labelling

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KEMPERSOLV ECO is a solvent completely free from  the traditional chlorinated and aromatic solvents  in compliance with more actual regulations and tendencies about limitation of substances and solvents harmful for the man and environment.

Obtained from natural vegetables renew sources, have a very good solvent and cleaning power towards many substances, like: inks, oils, waxs, etc.

After use remains a agreeable citrus fragrance.

KEMPERSOLV ECO is used for degreasing  and industrial cleaner surfaces.

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Special mixture of solvents for the degreasing of motors for cars and boats. Characterized by high solvent power, it is fast in removing lubricating grease, gummy sludges that are formed due to bad combustion and carbonaceous residues. It is not corrosive and therefore it is compatible with all the metal materials that form the engine heads (aluminum and its alloys), injection pumps, gears, bearings, carters and oil cups.

Suitable for: mechanics, garagers, coachbuilders and maintainers.

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The KEMPERSOLV PM is an alternative product to many types of solvents (chlorinated, flammable, aliphatic, etc.) If it is a priority to have a product do not intrinsically dangerous for users and for the environment, which allows to minimize the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and does not transfer odors aggressive during use. KEMPERSOLV PM has the following features that make it current and innovative:

  • Not classified for hazard

  • Very low toxicity

  • Good solvent power and degreasing

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KEMPHOS AD WET is a product to be used as low-foam detergent additive in both alkaline and acid degreasing solutions.

The regular use of KEMPHOS AD WET allows to obtain numerous advantages including:

  • Increase degreasing baths in which it is admixed.
  • Is possible to use in alkaline or acid solutions, lower number of products in stock.
  • Being a controlled foam is optimal use in all spray applications.

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