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Derkemp MAT G is a liquid product with superior alkaline properties that is immediately and completely soluble in water. The product does not produce foam in normal conditions of use, therefore it is particularly suitable for degreasing processes in spray systems.

Derkemp MAT G solutions allow a quick and substantial removal of oily and greasy contaminations from metal surfaces, especially of ferrous type. It is not recommended for light alloys, in particular aluminium.

  • Derkemp Mat G is used in metal and mechanical industries to clean gears, nuts and bolts, tools, valves, etc…
  • In the pot/pan production industry, Derkemp Mat G is ideal for the final cleaning of stainless steel articles from polishing pastes.

The repeated and proper use of Derkemp Mat G prevents dirt and deposits in tanks and system circuits. The product doses are easy to control thanks to specific automatic systems that constantly read the concentration through conductivity, or manual checks can be carried out with the user-friendly analytical kits.

The above mentioned features allow the standardization of operating costs of Derkemp Mat G.

  • The solutions are perfectly compatible with ferrous surfaces.
  • Oils, greases and polishing pastes are completely removed.
  • It does not leave residues on surfaces, and it can be rinsed quickly and completely.
  • Since it is a fluid liquid, it can be automatically dosed using dosing pumps
  • The solutions can be easily controlled to properly manage operating costs
  • When added to rinsing water in small quantities (0.5-0.7%), it is able to passivate surfaces thus favouring short-medium term storages



Derkemp Mat G is generally used at variable concentrations ranging from 1 to 5% in water according to the type of contamination to be removed and operating conditions.

Use the solutions in tunnelwash systems or part-washing machines as indicated, at variable temperatures between 40º-70ºC for times that range from 3 to 15 minutes.

Do not use on aluminium, copper and relative alloys.




The product can be easily titrated and it is essential to maintain the baths at the proper concentration. Extract 10 ml of solution and introduce them in a flask. Add 10 ml of distilled water and two drops of phenolphthalein. Titrate with 0.1 N hydrogen chloride until the purple colour disappears.  The product concentration in the solution can be traced by the number of ml of Acid used:

% Derkemp Mat G = 0.27 x ml of HCl acid




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