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DERKEMP MAT N is a degreasing agent
slightly alkaline, specifically made for cleaning various types of metal machines: automatic, jet, ultrasonic, or tunnel.
The product is able to perform the complete removal of artifacts from waste oils and fat without altering the surface and leaving it with unchanged gloss.
The product formulation is based on a unique technology that does not use any

non-organic salts or caustic compounds.
This feature gives the DERKEMP
some innovative features:

Utilized in machines such as: single-stage washers, non rinsing phase and does not leave residues on treated surfaces.

It has a high degreasing power evident even at medium temperatures.

It has considerable sensibility against metal surfaces, such as aluminum, zinc, copper and alloy.

Can be used with any water type no matter the hardness.

It has anti-depository power against dirt.

It produces a low amount of foam even when used in turbulent machinery.

Can be easily removed by rinsing, even after several days of its application.




To be used in concentrations of 2 to 5%, taking into account that for every eight hours of work it may require a reinstatement of 6-10% of the original amount.

The suggested amount should be considered as a base from which to begin
tests to determine the effective concentration level required which is very influenced by temperature of the machinery and the consistency of the fluids being washed.

The optimal temperature condition is between 40 and 70 ° C and the best results are obtained following these parameters.
Contact times will vary between 5 and 20 minutes.The product can also be used at room temperature, keeping in mind that with non-optimal results you will be required  to increase the % of use and may have excessive foam buildup.




Appearance: clear liquid
Color: pale yellow
pH (Sol 1%): 9,5
Specific gravity: 1,05 ± 0,02
Solubility in water: complete

ADDITIVE anti-grease

 DERKEMP MAT N can also find favorable application as an additive in phosphating solutions in case you need to increase the degreasing power.
As an additive to such solutions add 100 grams of product per kg of degreaser.



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