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Special mixture of solvents for the degreasing of motors for cars and boats. Characterized by high solvent power, it is fast in removing lubricating grease, gummy sludges that are formed due to bad combustion and carbonaceous residues. It is not corrosive and therefore it is compatible with all the metal materials that form the engine heads (aluminum and its alloys), injection pumps, gears, bearings, carters and oil cups.

Suitable for: mechanics, garagers, coachbuilders and maintainers.


Physical state             : liquid

Colour                         : red

Density(20°C)                      : 0,9 Kg/lt

Solubility in water       : partial

Flammability               : Flammable



Spray the product evenly, directly on the engine at a distance of 15-20 cm; let it operate from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the toughness of the dirt to be removed and to be re-applied with another product as a rinse step.

For degreasing in the tank, pour the product into it, then dilute it with 3-6 parts of kerosene or diesel.

After 30-120 minutes remove the pieces and wash them with water.

KEMPERSOLV MT2 is available in bulk form and 400 ml spray bottle.



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