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The KEMPERSOLV PM is an alternative product to many types of solvents (chlorinated, flammable, aliphatic, etc.) If it is a priority to have a product do not intrinsically dangerous for users and for the environment, which allows to minimize the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and does not transfer odors aggressive during use. KEMPERSOLV PM has the following features that make it current and innovative:

  • Not classified for hazard

  • Very low toxicity

  • Good solvent power and degreasing

  • Low volatility (non-flammable)

  • Water solubility

    The versatility of the KEMPERSOLV PM makes it advantageous to use for many applications, some of which are listed below:

  • Maintenance of equipment and implants in the food industry

  • Removal of certain inks

  • The water solubility is a factor of cost for various applications.



Use KEMPERSOLV PM pure, at ambient temperature or hot (max. 50 ° C) for automatic or manual operation (ultrasonic or mechanical) in cases where it is required energetic action degreasing.

For some applications the product can be diluted in water depending on the needs, it is perfectly soluble.
Please refer to our technical department

for more information about possible applications.
It is advisable to test the resistance of the materials before using the product.



Physical state: liquid

Density:about 1 kg / dm
Solubility in water:total

Odor: bland

Flash point (closed cup): 80 ° C 



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