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It’s an alkaline product with a detergent and descaling action specially active on organic dirt, which forms on the heat exchangers surfaces, in the food storing tanks and on the surfaces in general. 

The presence of special surface-active agents allows the removal of the colloidal substances which have a protective action on this kind of dirt and could end by compromising the degreasing and detartarizing action of the product. 

It acts on organic salt deposit as: oxalates, citrates, tartrates, carbonates and bicarbonates without having any corrosive action on the metallic surfaces (usually steel).

At high concentrations it is able to have an unplugging action in the pipelines; it is active with waters of any hardness and it is easily rinsable.

This product is recommended in the oenological industry, of the beer and beverages, in the sweet-producing industry, in the manufacture of chocolate and its by products and in the fresh “pasta” industry (where the by products of eggs are used).

It is ideal in the butter and cheese factories and in the slaughter-houses. 




Physical state : powder 

Colour : yellow

pH(1% solution) : 12

Water solubility: total




Prepare an aqueous solution from 3 al 5% (30-50 gr/litro) according to the condition of the plants and of the surfices.

Also the time of contact are variable depending on the parameters above; during the treatment of the hard incrustations it is suitable to control the pH which must not become lower than 9 (otherwise add fresh product).

At the end rinse accurately. 

To obtain an unplugging action  on tubings and on pipelines, use an aqueous solution (preferably hot) with 30% of the product (300 grm/litre). Rinse accurately at the end of the work.

WARNING: use with caution on aluminium, copper and their respective alloys.



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