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It is an anti-corrosion additive for metals which often come into contact with water and/or aqueous solutions, for extensive periods of time. The product, added to process water, thanks to its active principles contained in the formula, is able to block oxidation phenomena triggered by atmospheric oxygen and boasts excellent protective properties for ferrous metals, and also for aluminium and yellow metals.

  • it is free of minerals and soaps, therefore it does not turn rancid in time
  • it is over 90% biodegradable and boasts an extremely low toxicity level: any contact with the product, even pure, will not cause any issue; in case of contact, just rinse with water.
  • It doesn't form any sort of films on treated parts, thus without altering the sizes or interfering with subsequent painting or plating operations. 

PRONEX RED can be used as anti-corrosion additive in numerous applications:

  1. Water solutions for hydraulic tests
  2. Prevent rust and oxidation on all metals
  3. Flush solutions
  4. Lubro-refrigerant fluids
  5. Anti-freeze fluids


Add PRONEX RED in the ratio of 1-4% (10-40 gr/lt) on the volume of fluid to treat. Numerous factors influence the result, which are difficult to establish beforehand, therefore we recommend to frequently monitor the results when first applied, in order to establish the correct concentration of use, case by case. We recommend using the minimum dose after painting or nickeling. The solution must be added on a regular basis, when filled with pollutants.



Physical state: liquid

Colour: red

Density (15°C): 1.064 kg/lt

Solubility in water: 100%

Flammability: non-flammable

pH (1% sol.): 8.1

Code: K0055300


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