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Specific product for the cleaning and maintenance of spray guns, airbrush, and colour caps of colour machines. Its special formula with double layer allows to easily remove the paint layers (even if old) accumulated on the instruments’ surfaces. It removes: paints, enamels, synthetic and vegetable resins, glues. It is safe on aluminium and plastic parts, therefore components can be immersed for longer periods of time without any issue.

Ideal for: painters, joiners, restorers, vehicle-body workers and theatre labs (for sets).



Physical state: biphasic liquid

Colour: amber

Density (20ºC): 1.3 Kg/lt

Solubility in water: partial

pH t.q. aqueous state: 12-13




Shake the product well to mix the two layers and pour the content inside a vat. Immerse the components to treat in the lower layer until the paints and sludge have completely swollen up. Shake the vat to speed up the operation. At the end of this task, rinse with high pressure water. To extend the useful life of the product, introduce a perforated basket inside the vat in order to collect and remove paint residues on a regular basis, to avoid wasting product on them. The product can be used as paint remover for spray guns, also in other sectors that require a safe product on plastic surfaces, due to the presence of composite materials. Preliminary tests should always be carried out.



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