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Additive for the maintenance of lubricating-cooling emulsions.

With a broad spectrum of action, it acts on the most significant classes of microorganisms that normally proliferate in the containment tanks of the emulsions (eg: reducing sulphate bacteria).

By blocking the fermentations, it prevents the formation of bad smells and the development of the biofilm that would end up blocking the ducts of the distribution channels of the emulsion with consequent machine stops.

It can be used with shock or preventive treatment doses; its activity isn’t influenced by pH, it doesn’t have foaming power and is chemically stable over time at room temperature. Recommended for all mechanical workshops and anyone who needs to manage lubricating-cooling emulsions.


Physical state           : liquid

Color                          : yellow

Density(20°C)                : 1,03 Kg/lt

Solub. in water           : total

pH(sol. 1%)                    : 9-11


Shock treatment: add 300 to 200 grams of BIOSAN LUBRO for every 100 liters of emulsion.

Circulate in order to disperse better.
In the case of recurrences repeat the treatment.

Preventive treatment: add, preferably at the time of formation of the emulsion, 100-150 gr of product per 100 liters of fluid to be treated.

During the warm season, repeat the treatment every 15 days.


WARNINGS: for a more correct use of the product, it is advisable to use the appropriate microbiological swabs.





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