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BIOSAN is a multi-purpose concentrated detergent:

Detergent. Cleaning of any washable surface, tiles, walls, any type of floors, including linoleum and bolted rubber. Maintenance of suction systems, ventilation and exhaust hoods. Cleaning of canteens, tables, work benches, changing washrooms, and washrooms.

Sanitizer. It contains a high percentage of quaternary ammonium salts that boast remarkable sanitizing properties on all treated surfaces, without emitting bad odours or causing irritations.

Deodorizer. The presence of additives with deodorizing properties confers a long-lasting pleasant scent on all treated surfaces. 




Aspect: liquid, opalescent

Colour: red

PH (1% sol.): 8.5 – 10.5

Biodegradability: over 90%

Density: 1.02 kg/litre

Flammability: non flammable

Solubility in water: 100%

Odour (BIOSAN): Pine

Odour (BIOSAN SP): Odourless




BIOSAN doesn't contain solvents or aggressive agent, therefore it can be used on any type of surface at the recommended concentrations of use, without causing corrosions or discolouring painted parts.  It is handled without particular precautions to be conveniently used by operators.

BIOSAN is used to clean and sanitize the following in food processing facilities, clinics, retirement homes, schools, barracks and public places in general:

  • Tiles, floors and any washable surface;
  • Tables, shelves, cabinets;
  • Instruments, equipment.



The product can be applied manually with brushes, sponges, or nozzle or used in automatic washing systems. The concentrations of use range from 2 to 10% based on the degree of contamination of the equipment to treat. It is recommended to use the product without adding any additives or detergents that could decrease the sanitizing power. Rinse the treated surfaces in food processing facilities. 


Non caustic, sanitizing detergent_KEMPER


In case the scented version of the product is not suitable for the intended use, BIOSAN SP version is available, which is odourless but boasting the same cleansing and sanitizing properties.



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