BIOSAN OXY is a hydrogen peroxide based sanitizer stabilized with organic acids with a reduced level of olfactory perception and specific chelating agents.

Its mechanism of action leads to the release of active oxygen that is able to cross the protective barriers of microorganisms and destroy the enzymatic equipment.

It shows a broad spectrum of action and, depending on the concentration, is active on: Gram +, Gram-, Eumycetes and Sporiginal microorganisms.

The residues released by decomposition are completely biodegradable and aren’t toxic and this, together with the rapid decomposition of the active ingredient in use solutions in contact with the organic material, allows to have a non-residual sanitizer that doesn’t interact with the activity biological treatment of the purifiers normally present in the food industry.

BIOSAN OXY also performs a deodorizing action thanks to the oxygen's ability to oxidize numerous malodorous molecules.

It is perfectly rinsed. The absence of solution residues in the rinsing water can be qualitatively verified by means of a starch-iodide indicator map.

The product is suitable for inclusion in the environmental sanitation protocols of the critical points of the HACCP plan.

Ideal for: dairies, slaughterhouses, sausage factories, ham factories, pasta factories, winemaking and beverage industries, confectionery industries, and zootechnical breeding.



An effective cleaning action followed by rinsing is necessary before sanitizing.

BIOSAN OXY solutions must be prepared and used at the moment.

It isn’t recommended to keep any residual solution as the stability of the diluted product is reduced over time. The concentrations of use are dependent on the application conditions.

In general we recommend the following:

T [°C]

Conc. %

Contact time [min.]


0.5 ÷ 1.5

5 ÷ 10


0.5 ÷ 1.5

3 ÷ 5


0.5 ÷ 1.5

1.5 ÷ 3


Treat the surfaces and equipment by immersion or spraying taking care to wet them completely.

Rinse preferably with hot water.

WARNINGS: all aqueous solutions must be freshly prepared and used during the day.

The solutions are compatible with many types of plastic (PP, PE, TEFLON), rubber, steel and aluminum. They aren’t suitable for pieces in copper, bronze or brass. However, it is advisable to preliminarily test the compatibility of the product with the materials.

Avoid mixing the product with other sanitizers and / or detergents.

BIOSAN OXY (Sol. 0.5%):: 1000 ppm


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