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NUVIS RED is a hand soap in gel with neutral pH, highly effective on animal and vegetable greases and oils, and any other type of dirt. The product is able to remove any type of dirt despite not containing any solvents or aggressive dilutants, but basing its action on a mix of synthetic soaps that eliminate dirt without irritating the skin.

NUVIS RED also contains a certain quantity of microgranules in suspension totally of natural origin and ecologically not impacting. They favour the removal and dissolution of paint and dirt, also penetrating within deep skin wrinkles, which would not be possible to reach with the product. These microgranules therefore contribute substantially to the cleaning action of the product without presenting abrasive effects, thanks to their particular comparison.

NUVIS RED also contains skin hydrating, softening and protecting agents which prevent dryness, leaving the skin protected.

NUVIS RED is therefore an extremely versatile product suitable for hands involved in heavy and messy works in any workshop, and also for less strong and dirty hands, involved in office tasks. 




NUVIS RED is packaged in five-litre containers with disposable dispenser which supplies 4 grams of product each time it is pressed: this quantity is more than enough to satisfy any requirement. Rub the product on your hands until the dirt is completely dissolved and rinse.

IMPORTANT. NUVIS RED is a cosmetic product and the relative folder is filed at Kemper Srl’s production plant.



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