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Powder formula with a high content of microbial spores to activate biodegrading, non-putrefying fermentations, for collection and treatment systems of wastewater and zootechnic defecations. It contains 5 microbial species (non-GMO), belonging to the Bacillus category, whose metabolism is activated in aerobic and anaerobic environment. Germination, followed by the quick vegetative development, allows controlling the autochthonous microbial population, thus guiding fermentative reactions towards total biodegradation, without generating any bad odours.  The 5 species contained in the product are non-pathogenic and belong to the following categories:

  • B. amiloliquefaciens
  • B. subtilis
  • B. pumilus
  • B. megaterium
  • B.Y. licheniformis

STARTER B1 is ideal to trigger the production of sludge in biological depurators for wastewaters and/or to control existing but non-activated sludge. 

It can also be used in dumps, in collection and storage systems of solid urban waste and zootechnic farms. 




Bacterial load: 1 billion Ufc/gr

Type of bacteria: Bacillus spp.

Vital stage: spores

Pathogenic bacteria: none

Stability: 36 months (0°/ +45°C)

Operating temperature: +5°/+ 45°C

Operating pH: 5.5/ 9.5

Optimal operating pH: 6.0/ 8.0




Initial phase (1st month)

Maintenance dose

Milk cow farms

10 gr/m³ x twice a week

10 gr/m³ x once a week

Egg producing hen

5 gr/m³ x twice a week

10 gr/m³ x once a week

Wastewater depurators (installation)

80- 150  gr/m³ of incoming waste

30- 60  gr/m³ of incoming waste

% increase of polluting substances

30-70 gr/m³ of waste, 3 days before

20-50 gr/m³ of waste, for the next 5 days

10- 30  gr/m³ of incoming waste

Additional dose due to under-sizing of the depuration system 

60-90 gr/m³ of waste, first week

40-80 gr/m³ of waste, second week

20- 50  gr/m³ of incoming waste

WARNING: preserve the containers in a dry place, at a temperature falling within the indicated temperature range. Do not pour disinfectants, highly acid or alkaline substances on the product.


Dissolve the product in a mix consisting of 70% service water and 30% waste to treat;

Every 100 gr of Starter B1 must be pre-dissolved in at least 1 litre of the abovementioned mix; in these conditions, the LAG phase lasts for approx. 4 hours at 20°C.




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