Formulated in powder with very high microbial load for the activation of biodegradative fermentations in waste water collection systems. The particular system in 'bag', allows to create an environment that is readily favorable to the development of the microbial population thus reducing the duration of the 'lag' phase.

Once immersed in the waste water begins to release the optimal nutrients for the awakening and growth of bacteria that are released constantly throughout the time of immersion of the product.

STARTER BAG allows to pilot the random biodegradation present in the sewage channeling systems consisting of: wells, pits, storage tanks and purging water storage tanks.

The use of STARTER BAG allows:
• prevent the filling of sewage systems;
•  prevent the formation of unpleasant odors;
•  accelerate biodegradation processes in systems subject to cyclical purge;
•  use a totally ecological and non-harmful system for nature.

STARTER BAG is ideal for treating black water circuits of: condos, hotels, restaurants, clinics, institutions, communities. In particular, however, it is suitable for: trucks, mobile toilets (campers, trains, campsites, ships, military camps, military posts, etc.) and industrial activities of any kind equipped with biological purifiers (slaughterhouses, sausage factories, pasta factories and dairies).



-Bacterial load:              2 billion Ufc/g

-Bacteria class:              Bacillus spp.

-Vital stage:                  spore

-Pathogenic bacteria:      absent

-Packaging:                    bag from 500 ± 50 gr

-Stability:                     36 months (0°/+45°C)

-Action temperature:     +5° / +45°C

-Action pH:                    5,5/9,5

- Optimal action pH :      6,0/8,0




Inital phase



2 bag 10 m3

1 bag/month 10 m3


2 bag 10 m3

1 bag/month 10 m3



1 bag/month 10 m3


1 bag/sweek X 1Km

1 bag/month x 1 Km


WARNINGS: store the packages in a dry place with a temperature value in the range indicated above.
Don’t pour on the product disinfectants, strongly acidic or alkaline substances.



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