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It is a foaming descaler with a detergent action able to act on the deposits that form on walls, floors and systems.

By means of the special lance, it is possible to form a compact foam with high gripping power that allows descaling even in the most difficult to access points of a plant, a tank or a wall.

Its acidity is active on: carbonates, tartrates, citrates and on organic salts in general, while it is completely inert towards synthetic materials.

It is particularly suitable for the food industries such as: dairy, winemakers, confectionery, preparation of sausages (mortadella, cooked ham) and drinks (fruit juices, soft drinks, mineral waters).                                                                     

DESCAL ACID FOAM can however be used for a surface descaling treatment in general, such as in the washing of storage tanks and on walls of environments where deposits are formed.



Physical state             : liquid

Color                           : colorless

Density(20°C)                 : 1,10 Kg/lt

Solubility in water       : total

pH(sol. 1%)                     : 1

Descaler power          : 8gr of pure product dissolve 10 gr of limestone.

WARNING: do not use the product on zinc, galvanized iron and magnesium.




Insert the feeding tube of the foam spreader into the product basket; make sure that the water supply is open and that the compressed air system is operating. Calibrate the appliance for an automatic dilution of 5% of the product (50 g / liter).

Wear the appropriate PPE prescribed by the safety plan (goggles, mask and antiacid suit), go to a distance of about 2-3 meters and open the lance.

The application must start from the bottom going upwards; at the end leave to act for 15-30 minutes and proceed with a rinse.

In the case of considerable deposits, increase the concentration of the sprayed aqueous solution (15-20%).









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