Water soluble tablets based on bacterial spores, enzymes and nutrients able to develop an aerobic and anaerobic degradation microbial flora.

The particular blister system allows better storage and dosage of the product. After having thrown a STARTER tablet into the exhausts, the optimal nutrients for the awakening and the growth of the bacteria that spread in the environment are released.

STARTER allows to pilot the random biodegradation present in wastewater canalization systems consisting of: wells, drains of showers, tanks, sinks and toilets. It can also be applied to control the formation of bad odors at waste collection points.

The use of STARTER allows:

  • prevent the filling of sewage systems;
  • prevent the formation of unpleasant odors;
  • use a totally ecological and non-harmful system for nature.

STARTER is ideal for the treatment of sewage discharges of: condominiums, hotels, restaurants, clinics, institutions, communities and for your own home.



- Bacterial load: 350 milion Ufc/g

- Bacteria class: Bacillus spp.

- Vital stage:   spore

- Pathogenic bacteria: absent

- Enzyme class: amylase and protease

-Enzymatic units:4300 UE/g (stand. Also)

-Tablet:  2,5 ± 0,1 gr

-Stability: 12 months (0°/+45°C)

- Action temperature: +5° / +45°C

- Action pH: 5,5/9,5

- Optimal action pH:6,0/8,0




Initial phase


WC, turkish, sinks, showers

1 p every 2 gg/point

1 p week/point


3 p/10 m tub/day

3 p/10 m tub/week


4 p/m3/day

3 p/m3/week


4 p/20 liters of water

4 p/40 liters of water

WARNINGS: store the packages in a dry place with a temperature value in the range indicated above.

Don’t pour on the product disinfectants, strongly acidic or alkaline substances.





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