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Special formula conceived to protect furniture, frames, sculptures, doors, windows, beams, floors and any other object in wood. The essential characteristics that distinguish PROWOOD from any other similar products available on the market, are the following:

  • It is odourless and colourless
  • It is non-irritating and it does not develop any harmful vapours
  • It is non-corrosive on any type of metal
  • It is safe on paints and, if applied on new wood, it can be over-coated with any product
  • It does not alter fabric and paper finishes

Physical state: liquid

Colour: colourless

Viscosity: 1.75 Cst at 25°C

Odour: From odourless to light scent

Density: approx. 0.77 Kg/lt

Flash point: 60°C



The product can be applied through brush or spray. Thanks to its widespread distribution, PROWOOD is able to penetrate wood in 24 hours, even in depth, permanently protecting and stabilizing it, also with regards to the absorption of humidity and shrinkage in dry weather. For a permanent treatment, a yield of 5 square metres per litre of product can be hypothesised, even if this is an indicative value since it is strictly related to the type of wood and relative absorption level.

The wood treated with PROWOOD can be re-coated with any type of enamel after 12-24 hours from drying, without any adhesion problem. It can also be treated with traditional impregnating products to confer the desired colour, or with any type of flatting paint.



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