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STAIN OFF is used for the protection of natural materials installed in indoor environments, such as stones, marbles and granites, widely used to make coatings, finishes or work surfaces, such as bathroom and kitchen top, from the accidental damage resulting from accidental contact with substances of hydrophilic nature (coffee, tea, water, wine, etc.) and also lipophilic (oils, butter and fats in general).

These materials absorb, oily or aqueous substances and also the pigments for their degree of porosity. The absorption is variable according to both the type of stone, but also, for the degree of surface finish.

A marbles undergoes antiquing process by physical processes (blasting) or chemical (using DESCAL products line as DESCAL 21 or 22) are more porous and therefore more susceptible to absorb and fix the staining substances. Porous stones, if not properly protected, risk in the course of time to stain irreversibly, because is very difficult remove the contaminants which are impregnated.

STAIN OFF, containing both silicone resins that fluorinated resins, allows a single operation to confer water-repellent and oil-repellent characteristics to the surfaces of soft and very porous stones.
The persistence of the treatment depends on the type and intended use of the surface.
The product does not provide effective protection from acidic agents, though weak (lemon, vinegar, etc.). On absorbent surfaces the duration of treatment is higher than in those shiny, for which the ordinary maintenance operations produce the gradual removal of the protective layer.
In these cases the treatment can be repeated.




STAIN OFF is ready to use.

It is normally applied with a brush or roller. For large surfaces it is possible to a spray application. The cross-linking occurs in about 30 min. at room temperature (18 ÷ 20 ° C). We should wait 4 to 5 hours before operating. Perform preliminary tests to check the aspect that will take the artifact.


On granite, sealed and polished marble surfaces the product should be applied only once time uniformly removing any excess of product.
Any  excesses may  produce after curing a

Non uniform effect.
The application of the product can reduce the brightness of shiny surfaces.


These stones are the open pores, it can therefore be advisable to a second application, which is to be stretched out before complete drying of the first coat.




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