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Hydroalcoholic gel, for hands to use without water.

Its use allows for a reduction in skin bacterial charge by eliminating the risk of cross contamination in environments frequented by the public.

The product has important features:

  • High hygienic effectiveness
  • Alcohol content greater than 60%
  • Quick hygiene
  • Dries fast
  • Leave your hands soft and fresh
  • No rinse needed

The product is packaged in a 500 ml bottle, complete with a dosing pump that can deliver the required amount of product for complete and safe hygiene.

NUVIS GEL is a cosmetic, and its dossier is kept at Kemper Srl where the production is located.


Its composition complies with the requirements of the GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE REDUCTION OF THE EXPOSED RISK OF INFLUENZA PANDEMIA IN WORK PLACES issued on 11/09/2009 by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies.


The NUVIS GEL is not in "handbag" format but in a suitable box to a fixed location:

  • restaurant,
  • hotels,
  • canteens,
  • bar,
  • colleges,
  • communities,
  • religious communities,
  • various associations,
  • gyms,
  • fitness centers,
  • shops





Physical state               : gel
Color                            : colourless
Density(20°C)                   : about 0.87 Kg/Lt
Surfactants                   : absent
pH(sol. 1%):                    : 6 ± 0,5


Take a dose of NUVIS GEL on the palm of your hand. Peel energetically until full drying. Do not rinse.

The product is packaged in 500 ml bottles, complete with dispensing pump, in 8-pack case

The NUVIS GEL is also available in bulkform (Cod K0031000, C5-10-30) to be used as a refill for the standard hand washers


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