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Mineral building materials absorb a different percentage of humidity when they come into contact with water, based on their degree of porosity. The following damages may occur in buildings with non-protected facades, due to humidity:

  • Humidity infiltration in the walls
  • Damages caused by frost
  • Formation of cracks due to expansion and shrinking
  • Saline efflorescences
  • Calcareous erosions
  • Rust spots or streaks
  • Dirt or dirt streaks
  • Formation of mould, musk and weeds
  • Chemical corrosion
  • Reduction of thermal insulation power

The best solution to avoid these damages consists in impregnating the surfaces with ARAM silicone resin, that provides a highly effective, long-lasting, clear, water repellent finish. The product does not clog the pores and capillaries of components, but renders the pores water repellent and prevents the infiltration of humidity, despite preserving the breathability of the wall.





The following materials can be treated with ARAM: tiles, finish bricks, mineral plasters, mineral paints, calcareous sandstones, exposed cement, porous concrete, artificial stone, natural stone, asbestos-cement. The product cannot be used on gypsum, paints or plasters in synthetic resin. Small products in terracotta like tiles, bricks and pots can be conveniently treated before use, by immersing them for a few hours in a 2% ARAM solution. For surface treatments, the product must be diluted with pure water in 1:10 ratio, being careful to determine the exact quantities. The ready-to-use solution can be applied with a brush or spray.

The water repellent effect develops after the solution air-dries, a process that requires from 12 to 24 hours at ambient temperature.  The finish is clear, highly water repellent and firmly anchored to the base material. The surface to impregnate must always be treated with a single coat and the application must be repeated until obtaining a surface featuring a good quantity of finish, in order to have an adequate penetration depth. The optimal quantity of ARAM ranges from 0.5 and 0.7 litres/ square metre of solution at 10%. After the coat has dried, a second coat is not required; this would cause the formation of whitish spots on the treated surface, which are difficult to remove.


Impregnation of concrete components


The product can be conveniently used to waterproof concrete components when being cast. A 3% quantity of Aram must be added to the water before mixing the cement and inert agent in order to obtain a highly water repellent concrete.



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