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Strip paint made with water-soluble resins held in a water medium, blended with plasticizing and releasing agents. The formula allows obtaining a plastic film that adheres on a wide range of industrial surfaces without gluing, like: metals, paints, plastic, glass, smooth leather, etc. Polymerization takes place through water evaporation, within a timeframe depending on the thickness of the applied layer, ambient temperature and use of forced ventilation. The layer that forms can be easily stripped off, it remains flexible for a long time, resistant to humidity, alkaline and acid agents and cyclical temperature changes. No residue is left on the finished surface. The product comes in clear and white coating versions. The white coating version is water resistant for approx. 3 hours. 


The product is not dangerous, it does not carry any hazard symbol (pursuant to Regulation 1907/2006 – REACH), it does not contain volatile solvents and is non-flammable. The use of ARM STRIP W4 minimizes the use of PPE for operators and implementation of specific structures within the plant (painting booths, suction fans, etc.). In view of these characteristics, it is also suitable for small-size companies and use indoors. 




Physical state: white liquid

Density (20ºC): 0.99 kg/dm³

Solubility in water: soluble

Flammability: non flammable

Viscosity (C. Ford - 20ºC ø4): 14 ÷ 30 sec.

Indicative yield: 10 m²/kg

Dry dust free time 40ºC: 10  ÷ 15 min.

Polymerization time 45ºC: 60  ÷ 15 min.




Apply the product as is on clean surfaces by using a roll or brush, spray (including airless) or immersion. The initial white colour allows identifying the treated areas.  Adjust the applied layer as required. The polymerisation time will be determined after preliminary tests according to the application methods implemented. Clean the equipment with water after use. The thicker the applied film, the easier will be to strip off the paint. 



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