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Lithium grease, white, containing titanium dioxide and zinc. Titanium dioxide is a white substance, generally amorphous, odorless and tasteless. Its main feature is represented by being completely insoluble in water and acids. It is therefore the most suitable additive to improve the characteristics of a lithium soap grease and to make it absolutely inert with respect to the washing action of the water.

The GREASE MARINE is the most suitable product for the lubrication of any mechanism that operates in a very humid environment or even subjected to the continuous action of fresh water, sea water and corrosive solutions.

Industrial sector. Joints, pins, levers, tie rods, ropes and racks exposed to the outdoors.
Automotive sector. Hinges, open joints, pins and any crank in the underbody.
Marine sector. Any external organ of outboard and inboard engines, and for any nautical lubrication needs.


GREASE MARINE doesn’t contain toxic substances, such as lead, antimony, mercury and other dangerous organic compounds.


Use the loose product as a normal lubricant, following the instructions of the machine manufacturer, considering however that the surfaces to be treated must be perfectly clean and free from salt residues and smog.
The lubricating and protective action is maintained at temperatures ranging from -50 ° C up to +150 ° C.
Finally, the product can be used in sealing fittings in vacuum systems.



Physical state                         : grease

Color                                       : white

Odor                                       : odorless

Active principle                       : Titanium dioxide, zinc and Lithium soap

Solub. in water                       : insoluble

Kg/dm3 (ASTMD1298)          : 0.900

Penetration (ASTMD217)      :295

Flammability ASTMD92)       :220 °C

Drop point (ASTMD566)        :195 °C

NLGI classification                 : 2



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