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DESCAL 21 is an acidic reaction product specifically developed for the treatment of a wide variety of marble, both white and colored.

The product allows to overcome the problem of mechanical sandblasting both for large surfaces or small items.

In these cases DESCAL 21 allows full autonomy to the small to medium marble cutter avoiding the transport of semi-finished products to companies specially equipped for traditional sandblasting operations.

Reducing transport costs is a minor waste for the risk of breakage, which inevitably takes place during handling. It is not suitable for granites.

Uniform antiquisation: For this treatment the main marbles are: Red Verona, Rosa Perlino, Red Alicante, Trani, Botticino Marble, Carrara, Crema Marfil, Travertino, Biancone etc..

The product must be uniformly laid, either by rain or by spraying, in sufficient quantity to give the degree of aging desired.
The contact time can range from 15 to 30 minutes.

Decor: DESCAL 21 allows you to get decorations of various nature and typology, such as FRET, figures, etc.

The effects (shiny parts - antique parts) can be reversed depending on how you choose to apply the plastic masks used to protect the areas you want to preserve from the chemical attack.

The common plastic adhesive tape is an adequate protective system.




Physical state               : yellow liquid

Density(20°C)                        : 1.41 Kg/dm3

Solubility in water          : complete

Flammability                 : not inflammable

Odor                              : pungent

pH (sol. 1%)                     : 1.0

Yeld                             : about 2 m2/Kg



The surface should be clean and free from residues that may hinder the action of the product, such as fat and adhesives.

DESCAL 21 must be applied as it is in sufficient quantity through plastic devices (suitable materials are: PP, PE, PEHD).

The rain application can provide good results. The surface to be treated must be polished or levigated, free of grooves or irregularities and must be placed horizontally in order to prevent the product from reaching along preferential directions.

After application, don’t move the product using brushes or similar as this would compromise the uniformity of the treatment.

Proceed abundant rinse. To give a more uneven appearance, you can repeat the application.

The product should be used in an open, well-ventilated place or in aspiration systems, using the necessary DPI indicated in the safety data sheet.

It is recommended to protect the areas adjacent to the treatment station with plastic canvas.



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