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Neutral and odorless detergent, specially formulated for manual applications in the food industry.
Suitable for inclusion in the planned protocols H.A.C.C.P.
Effective in the removal of fat and protein substances (both animal and vegetable), sugars, starches, etc. through a combined process of emulsion and solubilization capable of extrinsecating even in depth thanks to the high wetting and penetrating power towards the residues to be eliminated.

It doesn’t attack any type of material (rubbers, plastics, metals and alloys, painted parts) and is therefore particularly suitable for manual cleaning of parts of machinery and food plants that can’t be washed with automatic systems.
Surfactants that it are the foaming nature, easily biodegradable, compatible with the bacterial population of the biological sewage treatment plants. It doesn’t contain phosphates.
DERFOOD NEUTRO is successfully used in the following sectors: slaughterhouses, fish, sausage, ham, confectionary, pasta, egg processing, dairies, oil mills, etc.


Physical state             : viscous liquid

Colore                         : straw

Miscibility with water  : total

Density(20°C)                 : approx 1 Kg/lt

pH(t.q.)                          : approx 8

Flammability               : not flammable


For soaking operations act indicatively with solutions to from 5% to 10% at 40 ° C, depending on the degree of contamination, after prior removal of gross debris from the pieces.
It is also possible to operate at room temperature with longer times.
For direct washings, operate as above taking into account that the viscosity of the product and the versatility of use are such as to allow in some cases the direct application on the parts to be washed (gaskets, parts of ducts, etc.) of small quantities of Derfood Neutro as it is, by assisting it with sponges, brushes.
We recommend the use of light rubber gloves.
Complete the wash with a thorough rinse with drinking water.



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