KEMPRO STONE is a one-component water-repellent based on acrylic resins, to be used as a transparent protective agent for marble, natural stone, pebbles, porphyry etc.
It can be applied directly on the surfaces, provided they are free from rust, dirt, old varnishes and humidity without it being necessary to prepare them with specific treatments or adhesives: it constitutes a complete painting cycle by itself.
Thanks to its basic components, it forms a particularly compact and continuous film that resists corrosive environments and that is still very good on surfaces without altering the color but providing a "wet" effect. It is the ideal coating for marble, natural stone, porphyry and in general for those structures that must be outdoors or in particularly aggressive environments.

Important: the product is suitable exclusively for porous materials. It is therefore not usable for polished materials, porcelain stoneware, ceramic and glossy tiles in general.



KEMPRO STONE is extremely simple to use because, being a single component, it doesn’t require any particular mixing. For any necessary dilutions in spray application (10-20%) a thinner for nitro or synthetic paints should be used.

  • Apply on clean and dry surfaces
  • Apply only one coat of product with the brush
  • Wet effect is obtained on any substrate



Composition : alkyd-polyurethane resin

Solvent          : white spirit or nitro

Specific weight: 950 gr/lt

Drying            : 24 hours in depth


KEMPRO_STONE_Acrylic_water_repellent_for_stone _KEMPER


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