KEMFLOC D is particularly effective on the overspray produced by:

Solvent-based paints

Added to paint booth waters, it is able to coagulate over spray paint that reaches the water. By interacting with the paint, it transforms it into a scarcely hydrated mud which is easy to remove since non-clogging. The regular use of the product prevents paint to deposit, clog the internal circuits and dirty the walls of the paint booth. Therefore, it allows saving on management costs since the system can operate independently for long periods of time, and it also allows saving on disposal costs since it is able to extend the frequencies between drainages. 

KEMFLOC D can be analytically dosed using a simple and effective test kit (TITRAKIT A0003970). This kit allows monitoring the concentration constantly, avoiding waste or anyhow ineffective low doses.




Aspect: liquid, clear

Colour: colourless

Specific weight: 1.350 (at 20ºC)

pH: 12.5 +/- 0.5




Add KEMFLOC D with a ratio of 4-8 gr/lt and maintain the concentration within this range. 






KEMFLOC WP is essential in situations where the over spray produced consists of 

Water -based paints 

Used on a regular basis, it allows coagulating and sink the resinous component and the paint pigments. It produces a muddy substance that, collected at the bottom of the tank, retains a minimum volume despite preserving a consistency that makes it easy to remove. This product allows saving on the systems’ management costs.

KEMFLOC WP is a liquid, fairly viscous product that can be added manually or automatically using peristaltic dosing pumps. 




Aspect: liquid, viscous

Colour: colourless

pH (as is): 12 ± 0.5

specific weight: 1.150 (at 20ºC)




KEMFLOC WP is usually dosed in a ratio of 0.5-20 gr/lt of recirculating water. Proper dosing relates to the quantity of over spray and therefore of suspended solid particles. 

To achieve optimal results using KEMFLOC WP, maintain the pH of the treated water at a value between 7.5- 9.5.



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