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KEMPHOS DEC is a phosphating and de-scaling solution studied to be applied in lines’ industrial processes. KEMPHOS DEC doesn't produce foam and its high content of active agents renders it particularly effective also at low concentrations. KEMPHOS DEC is indicated for the quick and substantial removal of oxides, calamine and laser or welding cutting residues from ferrous surfaces. KEMPHOS DEC is generally used in (tunnel) spray systems or through immersion, also of static type. The use of KEMPHOS DEC in a painting process allows obtaining surfaces free of inorganic residues and even, since it removes and eliminates any existing contamination and alteration. KEMPHOS DEC can also be used in processes that foresee the use of products based on nano-technologies, such as KEMPHOS BNT. 


Physical state: liquid

Colour            : from colourless to straw coloured

Density (20°C): 1.520 ± 0.05 Kg/dm³

Solubility: 100% soluble in water

pH: (t.q.): < 1




Spray applications:

2.5-5% in water, temperature 45-60°C, application time: at least 3 minutes

Immersion applications:

5-20% in water.

In both cases, the actual operating conditions will be established according to the extent of the contaminations to remove and operating conditions and timing of the various KEMPHOS DEC solutions.



KEMPHOS DEC in its liquid formula, is easy to dose and quickly mix. It can be added to the bath automatically using a dosing pump regulated by a suitable conductivity probe, immersed directly in the solution. With this method, the concentration of active product will be constantly monitored. In case of manual fill-ups, the concentration of KEMPHOS DEC will be monitored using specific, user-friendly analytical kits. In case the surfaces to treat are contaminated by oils and greases or are difficult to wet, add KEMPHOS AD ACID in the ratio of 1-2 Kg for every 10 Kg of KEMPHOS DEC. 


The product is stored in its original and sealed containers for at least 3 years.



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