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KEMPERSTRIP GEL B has a special formula that doesn’t use methylene chloride methyl alcohol or acidic substances. KEMPERSTRIP GEL B doesn’t emit dangerous and annoying vapors, it doesn’t have any caustic effect on the epidermis.

Due to the low volatility of KEMPERSTRIP GEL B there are no additives of waxy substances in the product that can create residues whose subsequent removal can be complex.

KEMPERSTRIP GEL B is able to stripper surfaces that have been treated with any type of paint such as acrylic, nitrocellulose, vinyl, epoxy, polyurethane, and flatting enamels.

KEMPERSTRIP GEL B doesn’t volatilize and given its thixotropic character doesn’t drip even if applied on vertical surfaces, in this way you can take advantage, when necessary, long contact times.

KEMPERSTRIP GEL B doesn’t have any corrosive action towards the metals.
It can therefore be applied on surfaces in iron, aluminum, copper and its alloys as on galvanized products.
The absence of acidity allows its use on all types of wood as no color changes occur.


Aspect             :liquid, thixotropic viscous

Color               : from colorless to straw yellow.

pH (as it is)     :neutral

Solub. In water: max 40 gr/lt


It is used as it is applied with a brush or a spatula.
Contact times vary depending on the thickness and nature of the film to be removed and the temperature at which it operates.




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