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D-OX 130 is a highly active liquid scale remover consisting of a particular mix of mineral acids able to eliminate scales with a high siliceous content and therefore resistant to common scale solvents.

D-OX 130 must not be considered as a common scale remover, its main applications are: cleaning of containers contaminated by railway dirt, removal of cement deposits from concrete mixers. 

D-OX 130 carries out its action quickly thanks to the particular concentration of active principles also on considerably thick contaminations.

In addition to a powerful mix of acids, D-OX 130 contains detergents with wetting and penetration properties that allow minimizing operating times.



Aspect: liquid, clear.

Colour: colourless

Odour: characteristic, pungent.

pH (1% sol.): < 2

Specific weight (at 20°C): 1.09



Dilute the product from 10 to 50%, according to the type of contaminations. Use the solutions by immersing the products in them, or manually, through spray nozzle.

Precautions of use:

Don't use on chromed, enameled, galvanized surfaces, use extreme caution on stainless steel, cast iron and copper.



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