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LIGHT WAX is a special wax, based on pure beeswax, of low hardness, ideal for the treatment of shiny or rough surfaces of furniture.

The microdispersion of the waxing particles allows to obtain, quickly and in a single step, the following effects:

  • polishing
  • restructuring

On the raw wood coming from a restoration, thanks to the presence of a solvent, it is able to penetrate even deeply, thus increasing the water-repellent characteristics.

LIGHT WAX is suitable for: restorers, furniture makers, as well as museums, churches, trade fairs, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, institutions, communities and for your home.



-Aspect:                 liquid, matt

-Color:                  beige

-Odor:                   lavender

-Density(20°C):         0,750 Kg/lt



Clean the surfaces to be waxed, wet a soft cloth with a little product as it is and distribute it evenly, pass with a second soft and dry cloth to obtain the brilliant effect.

The wax layer film has a strong, long lasting water repellent effect.

Warning: always close the package after use.





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