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It is a neutral, non-foaming sanitizer for the treatment of all surfaces.

The effectiveness of the Biosan PBG 2 due to its active ingredient, polybiguanide, allows substantial remediation both in the food industry and in the sector of the treatment of aeraulic systems.

In the food industry it is used for the internal and external sanitization of mixers, tanks, and equipment in general. In processing meat and vegetables for the treatment of worktops, tools, tritars, cold rooms.

In the dairies for the sanification of the maturing areas, the molds and the cold rooms.

In the aeraulic sector it is mainly used for the reclamation of U.T.A., air ducts and fan coils also in hospital.

The Biosan PBG 2 solutions are neutral and can therefore be handled without particular risks, they are also heat stable (up to 100 ° C) and aren’t affected by light.


Physical state             : liquid

Color                           : colorless

Density(20°C)                 : 1,0 Kg/l

Solub. in water           : total

pH(sol. 1%)                      : 7

PHMB (sol. 100 g /100 Litri )  : 40 ppm       



In the food industry, Biosan PBG 2 is used at concentrations between 0.5-2%, at room temperature or by heating the solution at 40 ° -50 ° C max. Solutions can be sprayed or recycled.

Before re-using the treated surfaces, thoroughly rinse with potable water.

Air Treatment Unit

Clean the surfaces if necessary and rinse to remove any trace of detergent. Thenspray a 5% Biosan PBG 2 solution on wet areas and those that are considered contaminated. Leave the solution to act for 30 min. and reactivate the machine. If you want to reclaim the pipelines, the servants must also be empty. Don’t disconnect the A.T.U. and atomise within it a 5% Biosan PBG 2 solution by means of a micro-drop nebulisation system. Fumigation times depend on the volume of the system to be treated.

Fan-Coil Treatment:

If necessary clean and, in the case, rinse in such a way as to remove all traces of detergent. Spray a 5% Biosan PBG 2 solution on the surfaces, paying more attention to those normally moist by condensation.


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