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Extremely versatile, wood is one of the main structural components of any environment. Much appreciated for its aesthetic and functional qualities, it is normally considered as a "non-inert" material, a material that doesn’t remain unaltered over time but undergoes mechanical and chemical changes that alter its characteristics and beauty.

In fact, wood is subject to the action of humidity, which deforms its fibers, and to aggression by fungi and bacteria which, over time, disintegrate its structure.

A good treatment of wood, especially for outdoor use, normally provides a first protection with impregnating agent complete with antibacterial and antifungal (WOOD SIL W line) additives and then the laying of one or more coats of clear varnish which, in addition to improving its aesthetic appearance, prolongs the duration considerably.

WOOD LAC W, being based on styrene - acrylic resins, hardens perfectly on the surface while maintaining a remarkable elasticity, which allows it to follow the dimensional variations of the wood. The protective film therefore doesn’t break and doesn’t crack like it happens for example on antique furniture treated with traditional paints.

WOOD LAC W is compatible with any pre-existing paint, provided it is well anchored.
WOOD LAC W is completely free of volatile organic compounds and is developed entirely on the basis of aqueous emulsions representing a step forward in the protection of operators and the environment.


Composition     : styrene-acrylic resin

Solvent            : water

Net weight        : 1000   g/l approx.

Drying                 : 2 hours out of dust

                        : 4 hours fingerprint

                        : 24 - 36 hours to deep 



WOOD LAC W is applied on woods previously treated with water-based impregnation and a good treatment involves the laying of at least two coats of varnish with a light correspondence to water between one coat and the next.

WOOD LAC W is particularly concentrated and, depending on the desired result, can be diluted with water up to 1: 1 ratio.

IMPORTANT. The painted parts must not be overlapped to avoid that the paint, not completely dry, acts as a glue.


The product can be used both for finishes of internal structures and furnishings (exposed beams, furniture and wooden objects) and for the treatment of external realizations (doors, fixtures, etc.In this last case we recommend 2 application




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