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Kemfloc WP is a complex formulation suitable for the treatment of water inserted in the spray booth.
The particular activity of which Kemfloc WP is equipped makes it indispensable in those situations where the over spray produced consists wholly or mostly of water-based paints.

Kemfloc WP, used constantly, allows to coagulate and sink both the resinous part and the pigments of the paints.
Without this action, serious problems can arise such as clogging of pumps and pipes of recycling circuits and loss of brightness in work areas.

Kemfloc WP produces a sludge that collects on the bottom of the tank to keep the smallest possible volume while retaining a consistency that makes it easily removable, in this way the management costs of the plants are rationalized. 

Kemfloc WP is a viscous liquid product, can be manually or automatically with peristaltic dosing pumps.




Aspect                        : viscous liquid.

Color                           : colorless.

pH (as it is)                 : 12 ± 0,5

Specific weight           : 1,150 (a 20°C)




Kemfloc WP is averaged in the ratio of 0.5 - 20 gr / l of circulating water.
The correct dosage must refer to the amount of over spray and therefore of solid in suspension.

To optimize the functionality of Kemfloc WP it is advisable to keep the pH of the treated water at a value of 7.5 - 9.5.




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