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KEMFLOC C and KEMFLOC PCA are complete products with clarifying and flocculating action specific for the treatment of water used careenage basins.
Inserted in suitable chemical-physical plants allow effective sedimentation of the waters coming from the washing of the hulls.
Properly dosed make the quality of the effluent discharged into the sea or reusable for subsequent washing operations or other technical applications.

The main advantages of using one of the two products are:

-  Complete and effective formulations, complicated dosages of multiple reagents are avoided.
-  Abatement of dissolved metals derived from antifouling.
-  Complete clarification of water by sedimentation.
-  Abatement C.O.D.
-  Sludges easily dehydrated even in bag filter systems.
-  Both products can be pumped directly by means of dosing groups of both peristaltic and pulsed type, avoiding both decanting and dilutions.



To identify the product to be used and at what dosages, some preliminary tests are necessary to be carried out directly on the water to be treated:

  • KEMFLOC C (K0086800) find a more general use.
  • KEMFLOC PCA (K0085100) it is recommended when the waste has a high organic load, for ex. detergents, and / or when the pH is difficult to stabilize, however never less than 7.5-8.

Orientatively the concentrations range from 50 to 500 gr / m3 depending on the solid content in suspension.
To optimize the yield of both products, adjust the pH to values of 8.5-9.5 and then dose the flocculants.
To rationalize the use of KEMFLOC C and KEMFLOC PCA we recommend the use of automatic dispensing systems using peristaltic or pulse pumps.



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