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It is a gel formulation with acidic pH, characterized by a high viscosity that gives it a gripping power.
The presence of a surfactant allows the product to also perform a simultaneous detergent action, such as to remove the residues of dirt of various kinds that are usually occluded in calcareous encrustations.

It can be used as such or diluted in water for the preparation of solutions to be poured on surfaces such as tables, floors, walls and machinery of the food and animal industries where deposits form encrusting.

Recommended in the following areas:

  • Beverage industries
  • Confectionery industries
  • Dairies
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Breedings


Physical state             : gelatinous liquid

Color                           : light straw yellow

Solub. in water           : total

Odor                           : odorless

Density                       : 1,1Kg/lt

pH sol. 1%                       : 1,5


For applications on vertical surfaces:

Moisten the details of the walls to be subjected to a descaling treatment with water; with a brush, distribute Descal Gel to completely cover the deposits to be removed.
Leave to act for 5/10 minutes then proceed with a thorough rinsing.
If necessary, repeat the operation by brushing when there are parts with considerable level of surface wear.


For applications on horizontal surfaces: prepare an aqueous solution having a concentration in the 10-20% range; pour on the affected area, leave for 5/10 minutes, brush if necessary, then proceed with a thorough rinsing.

Attention: always take care of the final rinse, especially if the application has been carried out on metal parts.



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