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Specific product for degreasing and sanitizing surfaces and equipment in food processing facilities. After application, the active principles of BIOSAN RAPID completely evaporate without leaving any traces. Therefore, the product does not require rinsing and dries quickly. Its application allows reducing the C.B.T. (total bacterial load) without interrupting the production cycle. Its components are non toxic and do not interfere with the organoleptic properties of foods. It can be introduced in cleansing and sanitizing protocols of the HACCP plan.

It is suitable for:

  • slaughterhouses/ meet processing facilities
  • factories producing cold meats and salami
  • dairies
  • confectionery industries
  • egg and by-products processing facilities
  • restaurants and canteens
  • food stores and itinerant food shops



Physical state: liquid

Colour: brown

Density (20ºC): 0.980 kg/lt

pH (1% sol.): 7

Solubility in water: 100%

Active principle (1% sol.): 50 ppm




Prepare a water solution with 3-5% of product (30-50 gr of product in a litre of water). Clean the surfaces and equipment to treat using disposable paper tissues to remove most of the dirt. Spray BIOSAN RAPID solution and let it settle for 3-5 minutes, then rub the surfaces using disposable clean paper tissues and rinse, if required. 

Image: Biosan Rapid

Cleaning and sanitizing treatment at the end of the day

Sanitized surface

The graph shows the difference of polluting load in case of single sanitizing, cleansing treatment at the end of the day compared to a repeated application of BIOSAN RAPID.

The product must be used at regular frequencies or when the dirt accumulated on the surfaces is significant. At the end of the working day, carry out regular cleansing and sanitizing procedures.  The product is also available in scented version for applications other than food facilities. 

PACKAGES: C1-C10-30-60-120-215


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