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It is a new kind of formulation able to degrease, sanitize and polish surfaces in: marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain stoneware, parquet, brass, aluminum, steel and plastic laminate.

Its solutions penetrate into superficial porosity and effectively dissolve the dirt present.

It is easily soluble in water, forms a little foam that quickly knocks and leaves a pleasing fragrance that diffuses in the environment.

It isn’t corrosive to marble and enamel ceramics because it has a neutral pH; it is very well suited for the cleaning of sanitary facilities and taps. The product can also be used with scrubbers and washer dryer.

Ideal for floors of:

  • churches
  • museums
  • reception rooms
  • supermarkets
  • hotels and restaurants
  • offices
  • airports
  • hospitals
  • schools and gyms


Physcial state             : liquid

Color                           : green

Miscibility with water  : total

Density(20°C)                 : 0.986 Kg/lt

Viscosity(20°C)              : 20 cPa.s

pH(sol. 1%)                      : 7,0

Perfume                     : mint




Prepare aqueous solutions with a concentration of 3-5% (30-50 g / liter).

Apply with a cloth or with a damp sponge; at the end let it dry.

When used with floor scrubbers, prepare solutions having a concentration up to 2%.




Polishing detergent for surfaces_KEMPER




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