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Adhesive based on polychloroprene, to be used by spray for bonding expanded resins and laminates with oneself and on wood and steel.

The product can therefore be used both in woodworking and in the upholstered furniture industry, and salons.
BINDER BN 900 is presented as a red, viscous solution with the characteristic smell of solvent formulated with selected components.


Specific weight:          0,800 kg/l

Viscosity BRF(20°C): 350-550 mPas

Dry active:                  17%

Open time:                  20-30 min.

Color:                          red



The product must always be sprayed on both surfaces to be glued and only after having appropriately remixed the mass.
We recommend using an airbrush with a nozzle of diameter 2, at a pressure of 4-5 atmospheres.

Once the product has been coated, it is necessary to wait 10 to 20 minutes before joining the two parts, to allow the complete evaporation of the solvents.

Then assemble dry, pressing the surfaces against each other with the greatest possible force. At this stage it is not important how much time is pressed, but with what pressure: at this initial stage must be given the utmost importance.

The maximum setting value will only be reached after a few hours, so during this period it will be necessary not to stress the joint and not expose it to high temperatures. It is important to assemble the two parts in the exact position as possible corrections in case of error are impossible. BINDER BN 900 is available in 15 kg tanks and remains unchanged for 12 months, starting from the delivery date, if stored in its original packaging, sealed, at a temperature between +10 and + 25 ° C.

For possible product dilutions and tools cleaning, we recommend using KEMPERSOLV MEC solvent (Cod: K0021300).

Other solvents (nitro, synthetic diluents, white spirit, etc.) can compromise functionality and product characteristics.

For a safe use refer to the Safety Data Sheet.





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