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BINDER D2 is a water solution in modified polyvinyl acetate, specifically conceived for the quick bonding of wood. Due to its high concentration of active agents, over 50%, and for the characteristics of the additives contained in it, the product is ideal for a wide range of applications. In fact, it can be used on any type of wood and satisfies any hot and cold bonding need concerning wood and its by-products, between them and also with plastic laminate sheets. Its high adherence makes it ideal for fast equipment in modern production lines. 

  • Quick adherence = 40-45 kg/cm² in 5 minutes
  • Final bonding power = 180- 190 kg cm² (ASTM)
  • Minimum film formation temperature = 5ºC
  • Open time (Open time on beech) = 15 minutes
  • Brookfield viscosity (mPa.5) = 30,000 (ca)
  • Stability against frost-thaw  = 5 cycles -10 + 20ºC
  • Hot pressing = 80ºC – 3-4 minutes

BINDER D2 forms a thin clear film, which completely prevents the formation of rust on metal components. It does not extract colouring agents or tannins from the wood and can be re-coated with any type of paint. BINDER D2 does not contain solvents and does not release any harmful or inconvenient vapours. In normal conditions of use, it is completely safe for workers and does not require the adoption of particular safety equipment. 




BINDER D2 must be applied in a thin and even layer, trying not to exceed the recommended dose and considering that the best results are obtained with a quantity of product equal to 130 grams per square metre of surface. The minimum film forming temperature (> 5ºC) must be respected, which must keep into account the ambient temperature as well as the temperature of materials. The 15-minute Open time on beech represents an advantage in order to satisfy most requirements. For particular situations, the Open Time on Beech can be extended by simply diluting the product with water.



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