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FORKAL V is a product based on volatile alkaline substances able to develop a complete degasifying and anticorrosive action on steam lines and relative condensation returns.

The constant use of the product inhibits the formation of corrosive phenomena as it directly neutralizes the acid compounds that develop in the water present in the boiler, guaranteeing maximum protection in all condensation phases.

FORKAL V by virtue of the particular vapor pressure ensures the homogeneous distribution of the contained contents both in the liquid phase and in the vapor phase.

Furthermore, the excellent chemical stability of FORKAL V allows it to remain active even in particularly extreme conditions. These characteristics make it possible to obtain particularly pure condensate returns free from corrosion products



The dosages and concentrations of use are closely linked to the quality of water to be treated and to the problems of the plant.

On average FORKAL V is dosed in the water replenishing continuously in such a way that the pH value of the condensate return is between 7.5-9.

To achieve this result, product additions of 20-100 ppm on the replenished water are necessary on average.

(20-100 grams of additive per 1000 liters of water)



Aspect : limpid liquid

Odor : amine

Relative density: 1.00 to 20°C

pH: 12 (as it is)



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