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FORKAL C has a complete and balanced formula in which there are non volatile active agents, suitable for the treatment of water in a boiler, associated with volatile substances destined for degassing and alkalizing steam and condensate.

FORKAL C, in addition to operating the complete chemical removal of dissolved gases, within the boilers, a sludge conditioning action makes them non-concreted and easy to remove by means of slurries.

FORKAL C completes its action by developing an excellent anti-corrosive and corrosion-resistant action both in boiler and in circuits.

With FORKAL C many low and medium low pressure systems can be treated with a relatively low and constant condensate return.



Aspct: limpid liquid.

Relative density: 1.09 a 20°C

pH (as it is):11,5 ± 0,5


Dosages and concentrations of use are closely related to the quality of the water to be treated and to the problems of the plant itself.

In general, FORKAL BOILER is continuously dosed on reintegrating water in the order of 100-200 ppm. (100-200 gr per 1000 liters)

It is recommended to consult the Kemper Technical Staff before using it.


10-30-60-120-215 Kg CANS



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