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FORKAL BOILER has a decisive deoxygenating action, elimintaing or reducing to minimum values the gas content both in the boiler and in the steam and relative condensation return.
FORKAL BOILER also contains an effective package of assets able to ensure sludge conditioning, an anti-scaling action and an anti-corrosion activity.
FORKAL BOILER being made up exclusively of non-volatile substances, it is particularly suitable for all systems where extreme purity of the steam produced is required, for example food industries where steam is used in direct contact with food or in hospitals where the steam produced is sent to the sterilizers.
Where there are no restrictions mentioned above for a complete treatment of the plant FORKAL BOILER, is developed in conjunction with FORKAL V.


- The marked performance makes the economic treatment.

- When necessary it can be used as a single product.

- Combined with FORKAL V creates a perfect treatment for boilers and steam.

- Easy to use and control, using a special kit you can easily know the exact concentration in use.



The dosages and concentrations of use are closely linked to the quality of water to be treated and to the problems of the system.
On average, FORKAL BOILER is dosed continuously on the replenishing water in such a way that a concentration of 100-300 ppm is present in the boiler water.




Aspect: limpid liquid.

Relative density: 1.09 to 20°C

pH (as it s): 9-9,5



Tanks from 1-10-30-60-120-215 Kg                                    




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